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Symbolizing the permission to use vaporizers and e-cigarettes at local establishments.
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E-Cigarette Friendly symbolizes the permission of e-cigarette and vaporizer use. Similar to a ‘no-smoking’ sign informing individuals where you cannot smoke tobacco, this sign notifies where the use of electronic cigarettes are allowed and supported. This may benefit users by giving them reassurance to comfortably vape, and in turn may also benefit business owners of the repeating question used by vaper’s, “Am I allow to vape in here?”

E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular as a healthier alternative to using tobacco products. What makes them so great is their known similarity to traditional tobacco cigarettes, yet lack the carcinogenic elements contained in tobacco smoke responsible for heart disease, lung disease, and many cancers. E-cigarettes are a luxury for previous tobacco smokers providing benefits to them in many ways. There are many misconceptions that vaping is just as harmful as traditional tobacco products due to the visually similar appearance. Regardless of the debate, we believe it is the lesser of two evils, removing thousands of chemicals from the equation and no longer breathing in solid matter smoke particles.

Above all E-Cigarette Friendly is a sign of respect for use of e-cigarettes. As always, to gain respect we have to give respect, therefore we support users with proper etiquette while vaping in these permitted areas. Valuing others, we stand by the use of electronic cigarettes and the individual choice.

“ECs (electronic cigarettes) are nicotine-delivery devices. As a result, EC users will always risk the potential disease burdens associated with nicotine use and related side effects such as increased blood pressure, heart rate, microvascular injury, and dependence. That said, ECs present decreased potential disease burden compared to TCs (tobacco cigarettes). It is generally understood that the toxicants from burning tobacco and TC components are responsible for most adverse health effects, whereas nicotine is responsible for the addictive quality in TCs. Studies show that EC use has the potential to effectively allow TC smokers to quit or decrease TC use, thereby eliminating combustion of carcinogenic TC components and subsequent active and passive exposure to carcinogens exposed directly to smokers, secondhand smokers, and the environment.”

Oh, A. Y. and Kacker, A. (2014), Do electronic cigarettes impart a lower potential disease burden than conventional tobacco cigarettes?:
Review on e-cigarette vapor versus tobacco smoke. The Laryngoscope, 124: 2702–2706. doi: 10.1002/lary.24750
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Locations that allow the use of vaporizers!

ECF Vapor Emporium

#3 11807-95A Street, Edmonton, AB T5G 0P1

(587) 520-8273

Jox Sports Bar & Grill

15327 97 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5X 5V3

(780) 476-6474

Avenue Trading Post

9544 118 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 0N7

(780) 471-1934

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